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. a sake -- sacred red cow is led to slaughter. roll up your sleeves, here we go. hello, america. this week has been a primer to get your brain to think in a different mode. i liken it to america has cancer. now, is it stage one, stage networks stage four cancer? i think we're headed toward stage four cancer. how much to we have to cut? what do we have to do? thinking out of the box. we're not cutting spending, we're -- i mean it's insane what's going on. people at the coto institute have been putting budget proposal together and they're not making friends because people don't want their slice of the pie taken away. we're all going to lose a slice of pie. our relationship may be on the rocks after tonight. i'll send you candy or flowers because we zero in on even my own sacred cow tonight, national security and defense. according to the economist, america's overwhelmingly feel of cutting spending is the best way to reduce the deficit. cut spending, 5% they raised taxes. this is the one the political elite wants to do because this one is hard. as soon as you get the scalp out they run for th
nonfiction narrative about america. you read halberstam you get a real slice of the country. >> killed out in california by a young man in a car, what, two years ago, three years? >> yes. a car just swiped him when he was getting picked up at the airport to go give a speech and a car ran him off the side and he was killed. >> you're best? >> i would say a wonderful new biography of commodore vanderbilt, which just won the pulitzer prize, i think deservedly, for best biography of the year by a young extraordinary author named t.j. stiles who i believe did a book on jesse james, which i have not read. but the vanderbilt book is a classic. it is -- you know what a great movie does or a great play does, which is for a while it ushers you into another world with complete credibility. in this case it's a perfect blend of biography. i mean vanderbilt is a fascinating larger than life deservedly controversial figure, but it also is a history -- it's not just a life and times. you understand the transportation revolution in this country first through steamboats and then through the railroads. you u
on wall street today and pro claimed the long arm of the government will soon rein in america's financial system. during his two hour stop in new york he threw his weight around calling out his favorite boogie man the fat cats on wall street then appeared to extend an olive branch. >> the president: i'm here today specifically, when i speak to the titans of industry, because i want to urge to you join us instead of fighting us in this effort. sean is wall street onboard? our cameras were there to gauge reaction. >> we can blame wall street as much as we want to, all of the growth we've seen around the country for the last 100 years is based on financial innovation, capital markets that are transparent even though we have trouble with that if you stifle us too much i think it will be problematic. >> he just wants to take over another industry. health care, cars, hugo chavez that's all . >> i was surprised not to see pitchforks and torches coming down broadway to wall street >> we can come up with plans and make speeches all you like. there's no real movement that we see. i think wall stree
it was in this building that we were building a fan base. i still remember that day. it was a picture of what america is about. you have people from all different walks of life coming together. everybody was working hard. everybody knew there was a challenge coming. everybody was there because they figured if we were all working together then there was the reason why we cannot handle this. we had handled things before. that is the american spirit on display that is this theory -- spirit of quincy and illinois. it is good to be reminded that and come back to spend time with you. we spent some time in iowa and missouri and now back here. yay., misery. how about i attaci left? we are in illinois. over the last couple of days we have talked to workers who are busy building when a blaze for these wind turbines and by a few plants, family and small- business owners trying to navigate through tough economy and talk to farmers about what is happening. because it is folks like pawlenty live in towns like quincy and give america its heartbeat, that is why it is so important. if this sounds like this were worki
of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >> that is going to take it back. take our country back. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] in a few moments, supreme court justices testified on capitol hill about the budget request for next year. in an hour-and-a-half, president obama outlined his plan for nasa and the future of human space flight. after that, and breathing on the investigation into the fort hood in shootings with senators joe lieberman. later, we will retire the news conference with leaders of the group to party express. >> on "washington journal" we will give the congressional agenda with sheriff brown of ohio. robert sloan is the author of an article that says wall street is the key to democracy. more about the future of nasa from scott case. it is live on c-span every day at 7:00 a.m. eastern. a couple of offense to tell you about tomorrow morning. the senate judiciary committee holds a hearing on jud
piece in the "washington post" today. how america became a secular socialist machine. >> i think that is what the country is. the country is still a center right majority. if you look at washington, you talked about that a second ago, with harry reid. the health bill wasn't the first time reid decided to be totally partisan. the stimulus was. the reason i call it a machine, if you can get $787 billion out of congress, with no elected official having read the bill, that's not representative democracy. that's a machine. it's like chicago. when you watch how reid operates, anytime he has a choice between being left wing machine boss or participated in government, he picks being the left wing machine boss. secular and socialist are the other two words. i wrote in this part in reaction to colleague of mine who seemed surprise we used the word. if you look at the judges that obama is nominating, they tend to be rigid, anti-religious secularists. if you look at obama's policies we currently own most of general motors and own most of chrysler. aig is deeply in debt to the government. the
are attacking the united states of america? >> well, but let's look at what happened with regard to the detroit bomber. abduabsenteeism umar farouk abdulmutallab. they had the present of mind, given their knowledge of law, to understand that in that initial interaction, they did not have to give him his miranda warnings and the information they got from him can be used in a trial against him under the public safety exception, and -- >> well, i don't know if public safety exception goes to 50 minutes. have you had any case that's ever gone that long? >> oh, i think -- >> where you say to somebody, do you have a gun. >> oh -- >> do you have a bomb, but after a while, that exception ends. >> well, i'm going to say as a former judge, given my experience, given that set of facts, i would think that the government has acted appropriately here and statements from that gentleman would be admissible in a trial. >> well, i would just say that it would be -- the defense lawyer would make that point, i'm sure. >> oh, i'm sure they would, but they would lose in holder's court. >> this is really significant.
rights powder keg ready to ignite all across america. >> i have instructed members of my administration to closely monitor the situation and exam the civil rights and implications of this legislation. but if we continue to fail to act at a federal level, we will continue to see misguided efforts opening up around the country. >> you can't deny it. immigration legislation has been a political land mine for politicians for years. >> i just want to make sure, do you, new york senator, support the new york governor's plan to give illegal immigrants a driver's license? you told the new hampshire paper is made a lot of sense. can you support his plan? >> you know, tim, this is where everybody plays gotchya. we have failed and george bush has failed. do i think this is the best thing for any governor to do? no. >> nobody has had the right answer for this for a long time. president obama made a promise to move on immigration reform. now he's got to live up to the promise. numbers clearly show that hispanics are the fastest growing ethnic group in the united states. they make up 46% of our popul
, look those in new york's 21st district, including my own family, to the president's family, america stands next to poland in mourning. the solidarity of the polish people in their grief is an inspiration to us all. my thoughts and prayers are with the families who lost someone. thank you, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from oregon rise? >> to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. defazio: the obama administration has steadfastly refused to contest the tariff of $2.4 billion levied by mexico because congress terminated the cross-border trucking program due to serious safety concerns. there is no drug testing in mexico. there are no hours of service requirements in mexico. there are no meaningful commercial driver's licenses issued in mexico to know what the record of these drivers are. congress overwhelmingly voted to terminate that program. but it's rumored the next month when the president of mexico comes, the obama administration will open the border to mexican trucks. jeopardizing the
non-violence reject it. see you tomorrow. from new york, good night, america. america. 6 captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> chris: next on "special report," how president obama is changing the country's nuclear policies. the president's new national security policy may end references to islamic radicalism. and are you ready for a big new tax to pay for the expanding deficit? live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. president obama leaves shortly for the czech republic, where he will sign a new strategic arms treaty with russia. this comes in the same week the president changed u.s. nuclear engagement strategy. senior white house corespondent major garrett reports from prague on what all this means for u.s. foreign policy. >> reporter: russian president dmitry medvedev arrived in prague ahead of president obama who made the historic european city backdrop a year ago for what critics call a fanciful push for world without nuclear weapons. mr. obama announced yesterday the u.s. would only use nuclear
kelly, this is "america live" anmonday and we've got breaking news this hour on the man picked up with a gun after asking to see the president, initial reports say joe mcvey never got near obama but now we're learning he got a whole lot closer than you think, and -- >> i'm innocent of every single allegation, i look forward to my day in court. megyn: big questions in the court case involving former illinois governor rod blagojevich, is president obama now in trouble on this one? "america live" looks for answers on all that and lindsey lohan right now. >>> we begin with a fox news alert, brand new details into the arrest of a north carolina man who police say wanted to talk to president obama. with a loaded gun strapped to his waist. we are just getting the details now from a court appearance for 23-year-old joseph sean mcvey, this is his mug shot, look at this kid, he looks like a kid! police arresting him after he allegedly drove up to the airport where air force one had just taken off and asked security if he could talk to president obama. while police initially said that mcvey
agenda? we'll talk about that tonight. >>> another hot topic is america a christian nation? that question prompted by the raging controversy over, of all things, the national day of prayer. just yesterday, the army disinvited evangelist franklin graham from the pentagon's event. graham has made some pretty controversial comments about islam, some of this show actually where he called it a very violent religion. so is america really one nation under god? >>> and on a very different note tonight, the supermodel who is taking potshots at celebrity plastic surgeries. paulina porizkova is here with very surprising and candid thoughts on true beauty. lots to get to. but we begin with "the mash-up." our number one international story, the deadliest day of the year in iraq. at least 61 people died. more than 100 were wounded in a wave of bombings in baghdad and nearby anbar province. >> just days after the killings of the two top al qaeda leaders in iraq, a wave of bombings have left dozens dead in baghdad and neighboring anbar province. >> mangled cars, buses clogging the streets outside two mos
in the 1950s. plus america's jobless. >> it makes me just question what's going to happen? what are we going to do? how are we going get through this? >> how are we going to get through from unemployed to the boss lady. a frustrated job seeker stitches herself a home-based business and tiger woods tees off at the masters today. what do you think of his week in the spotlight and how about this? what do you think about his new tv ad? our blog question today at cnn.com/tony. good morning, everyone. i'm tony harris. those stories and your comments right here, right now in the cnn "newsroom." -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >> we start with the setback in the search for four missing coal miners in west virginia. rescue crews made it inside the mine and they were forced to turn back because of the terrible air quality. >> they are in danger and that's the whole intent of evacuating them from the mine. >> okay, cnn's brooke bolduan on the scene from west virginia. first, the setback has got to be really tough to take for the family members waiting for any news at this point. >> reporter: yeah
of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the speaker pro tempore: the chair will entertain up to 10 requests for one-minute speeches on each side of the aisle. for what purpose does the gentleman from oregon rise? >> to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so approved. mr. defazio: well, all america has heard about too big to fail and they're still pretty angry about that in the bailout of wall street. now there is a new deal with lexicon thanks to goldman sachs and that is designed to fail for profit. goldman sachs worked with a hedge fund manager who put together a collateralize debt obligation that he hand picked because he thought they would fail. goldman got a fee for putting them together, goldman sold him insurance or bets against him and then goldman sold to unknowing investors those same securities as great investments. we are thankful that the securities and exchange commission is back on the beat after a long nap under the bush administration and chris
there live. stay tuned for that. on "america's newsroom". >>> in the meantime, we are learning new details from two top senators serving the obama administration with subpoenas saying the pentagon and justice department are stonewalling, refusing to hand over certain information in the investigation of the fort hood massacre. why is this important? senators lieberman and collins, tops on the home land security committee saying the documents may show whether or not the government had access to information that could have prevented the killings on that post back in november and that would be a bombshell. i'm bill hemmer, good morning, everybody, busy day in "america's newsroom". martha: good morning, bill, good to be here this morning, good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. the senators are saying the obama administration is not living up to its promise of transparency in their opinion, suspect nidal hasan, the army major, now charged with killing 13 people on that awful day at the army base last november and the justice department officials say that releasing any information that re
this morning buzz aldrin told "the daily rundown," he said america's sliding downhill into mediocrity would never happen. >> i don't think america would stand for that, no matter who the president is. the american people are very proud of the investments that they made in the '60s and '70s that resulted in our landing on the moon. >>> let's get more reaction. joining me live is former astronaut dr. mae jemison, the first african-american woman into space. thanks so much for joining me. >> you're welcome. >> where do you stand on this debate? >> well, i think where we are right now is that we have a shuttle program that is retiring, but we have to have a robust space program. and that robust space program is really supported, empowered, by our research and development, by allowing nasa to do the kind of work that nasa does really well, which is to do -- develop new propulsion systems, to look at how do we move forward? so when i think about this, i'm on the side that president obama's plan is going to move us further. people are saying, well, what are we going to do? when we talk about sendi
to figure out who among them is really ready to say no, america does not need to reform wall street. president obama today took on two of the story lines republicans have advanced about the democratic bills, sometimes even before the bills were written. first the republican claim that the senate bill includes future bailouts for the banks, encouraging them to take more risks. in fact, the bill forces the banks to create a fund that would be used for liquidating banks. >> what's not legitimate is to suggest that somehow the legislation being proposed is going to encourage future taxpayer bailouts, as some have claimed. that makes for a good sound bite, but it's not factually accurate. it is not true. in fact, the system as it stands -- [ applause ] the system as it stands is what led to a series of massive costly taxpayer bailouts, and it's only with reform that we can avoid a similar outcome in the future. in other words, a vote for reform is a vote to put a stop to taxpayer-funded bailouts. that's the truth. >> president obama also addressed the other republican argument, a perenni
, but warm-up is in store. a chill in the air, but warm-up is in store. we will give somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. is that your new car ? uh... yeah ? cool. thanks. i knew i wanted a subaru legacy. i went back and forth on the hood scoop... but i'm glad i went for it. the subaru legacy. feel the love. >> live, and in hd, this is abc 7's good morning washington, on your side. >> still ahead, a deadly shooting on maryland's college campus strikes close to home. >> good morning, washington. i am natasha barrett in for alison starling. >> i am doug mcelway. it's time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. let's find out what's in store. >> is a trust advisory -- sauced advisory -- frost advisory.
for back issues. coming up on "good morning america", the latest on delays and disruptions caused by the volcano in iceland. if that is your "money scope report.". on jeremy hubbard. >> its 57 degrees. >> still ahead, alex ovechkin on the ice or on the beach. the coach called the superstar out last night after he went missing in action. >> today on "oprah," live in chicago with elton john and actor russell crowe. that's at 4:00 and abc 7. >> if the capitals want to get the stanley cup this year, they will have to perform better than they did in game 1 of the playoffs last night. >> such a disappointment, sloppy effort from the regular-season chance against the montreal canadiens. this is the big leagues. tomas had been taunting the capitals. alex ovechkin was a virtual nashotah. -- no-show. >> when you get 50 shots on goal and ovechkin does not get any, i think hw was not very good tonight. but they will try to even the series tomorrow at the verizon center. he got called out by the coach. >> he did. the coach was highly agitated. 6:25. we have another half hour of good morning wa
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. and today, we know it's small businesses that can create the jobs america needs. that's why at&t is investing billions to upgrade and build out our wired and wireless networks. making them faster, smarter, and more secure. connecting small businesses to markets across the country, and around the world. we invest now, because we know it will pay off... with new jobs, new growth, from a new generation, putting their belief in the future on the line. now is the time for investment and innovation. the future is waiting. and the future has always the future is waiting. and the future has always been our business. at&t. >>> next on this week in defense news on the eve of the president's nuclear security summit we talk about the administration's nuclear arms control agenda. >>> now this week in defense news with vago muradian. >>> good morning and welcome to this week in defense news. i'm vago muradian. the 2010 international military conference gets under way tomorrow in tanzania. we talk to the hiv-aids program how it affects u.s. security. >>> we look at the president obama's ambit
of america and we'd like to make them all obsolete and get rid of all of them across the entire fruited plain and the whole world. here's the thing, that's one of the things that makes us unique. that's what makes us the superpower. aren't we giving away the store by going down to zip? >> yeah, i mean, even if you want to get to zip, the united states needs to maintain a strong, credible deterrent because we need a bargaining chip in the discussions with the russians and the chinese. >> and president obama would like to see zero nuclear weapons in the world. >> he certainly does and the problem is, as i said, the russians and the chinese are not buying on to his vision. we have a fundamental disconnect between the united states. on the one hand, the russians and the chinese in addition to the iranians and the north korea koreans. >> here comes hillary. >> is she there? >> yeah. >> what do you think about that? >> certainly, you know, gates, i think, certainly wanted to be there for iraq. he also wanted to be there for modernization of the pentagon which is an important issue for him, to r
of bake love bakery we see across the region and you are hear to talk about united cakes of america book and it is just that. >> yes, thank you. united cake of america is my second book and i'm very excited about it. it officially releases in may, that's around the corner. my first book signing locally will be on may first. i'm psyched about it. i love cake. i love talking about cake and sharing recipes. >> and spreading the love. 50 states and puerto rico. >> and district of columbia of course. >> can't forget us, right. >> you have recipes that are based on each cake. >> yes. and they celebrate the folklore, the traditions in each state. sometimes agricultural things that come from each state. we have a sweet potato cake with pecans for louisiana and the king cake of course for louisiana but i like to throw in things that are coming from inside of me. >> what are we doing today? i feel bad. i feel like andrea roane should be doing this interview. she's from louisiana. >> i want to keep it simple for you. i know you want to get in the kitchen and understand more of it. i want you to use
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obviously, jay, says he wants america to remain at the top of its game when it comes to space exploration but his administration feels there is a time to reassess and kind of reset the situation. it is not his quest to end our attempts to go to the moon. correct? >> that's correct. he is, indeed, as you are saying, tamron, you said in the introduction that he's coming here to speak to the workers and what i've just been told, he's going to speak before about 200 select people in the building where they will build and not a single worker i'm told has been invited. i wond fer the president knows that. maybe he'll be told that when he gets over to the building and maybe we'll find him pulling in some workers because that was the purpose of his trip as you said. what we have here as tom henricks the astronaut speaking on andrea mitchell's show about five minutes ago on msnbc, we have two parties that are conflicting on what we should do about the space program and as tom said, there's very good things in both of them. the congress thinks that the president should not kill constellation shuttl
troubling. >> well, they're generally troubling, mika, because the united states of america, after nine years in afghanistan, after two commanders in chief, still have no exit strategy. now, of course, the things we were supposed to have learned from vietnam and the beirut tragedy was you never go into war until you have an exit strategy. the only semblance of an exit strategy, mort zuckerman, that we have is that we will stay there, and young americans will continue to die. and american taxpayers will continue to spend billions and billions of dollars a year. so we can prop up the government of hamid karzai. hamid karzai. that -- this man, who is contemplating joining the taliban -- which, by the way, i say let him do it. they've got a 10% approval rating anyway in afghanistan. he is our exit strategy. so if you're a mother or a father or a wife or a husband whose loved one is in afghanistan right now going out on patrol with the possibility of being injured for life or killed, you're doing it for a man who says he's thinking about joining the taliban. >> well, i don't think i would de
, america pauses to remember the 168 lives lost in the worst act of domestic terrorism in u.s. history. now 15 years after the oklahoma city bombing, there's growing concern about a new wave of anti-government hatred like the kind that drove timothy mcveigh to mass murder. is it putting the safety of president obama at risk? perhaps the safety of all americans? i talked about the threat then and now with the man who was president at the time of the oklahoma tragedy, bill clinton. >> the other difference that the internet has exploded over these 15 years, there's a democratic president now, you were a democratic president then. but the other big difference is there's an african-american president. >> yes. and an african-american president whose father was from kenya and his mother's second husband was a muslim. and so he's had all these attacks from the birthers and others. i do think -- and he's had a lot of threats and also the members of congress have had a lot of threats against them. we had a lot of threats. i remember when that guy came from colorado and opened fire on the white house.
>> time now to reward america with what we've been thinking about lately. what have you been thinking about? >> two words sal mineo. that is what i learned today. >> really? that's good. go do your show. >> bye-bye, daily run down next. >> i've learned what i want willie to bring me back from the masters, i want some john daly flip-flops. sweet. >> pat buchanan. >> we're on the back nine culturally. >> i learned sal mineo and sol linowitz are not the same person. >> i've learned willie paid attention in history because he knows that ike used to play golf at augusta. very good. >> that was the one day i showed up for class, mike. i learned here at augusta national, we are fortunate to have vera lind dent's caramel cake. she brought them to us. i hope they're as good as she is a character. vera lynn dent. can't wait to bite into these. we'll do that while you watch t "the daily rundown." >> the most radical president in american history has now thrown down the gauntlet to the american people. he has said i run a machine, i own washington. and there's nothing you can do about it
start, i'm bill hemmer, welcome to "america's newsroom" and welcome back to martha. martha: good morning to you, good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum and this massive explosion ripping through what is known as the upper big branch mine and it happened during a shift change yesterday. we're just learning that this mine had six violations , dealing with ventilation issues alone, just this year. that is since january. last year, the mine faced 48 what are called unwarrantable failure orders which are considered quite serious. among the dead in yesterday's blast, and we're learning all of these individual stories now as it comes to light, in one situation, three members of the same family, an uncle and two of his nephews who were all working together were found in close proximity inside this mine and today you've got all of the reaction of friends and family. >> we really just came to pray, because we don't have immediate family in the mines, but we know so many people that work here, our pastor works at this mine. >> i just started getting the phone calls, they asked me if kendall
disagreement between russia and america. here are the facts. 7-year-old justin hanson by american parents is back in russian health ministry after he was dropped off in russia thursday, sent alone on united airlines flight from america with a note from his mother which said "i no longer wish to parent this child. the child is mentally unstable. is he violent and severe. i was lied to by the russian orphanage director and worker regarding mental stability and other issues. the russians are furious. adopted from an orphanage in russia's far east. how could anyone do this they asked. the russian foreign minister says his country may freeze all adoption to american families of russian children stating what has happened is beyond the borders of good and evil, he said. the children's rights commissioner here released a video to russian tv of him questioning the boy speaking. he asked him about his adoptive mother. he said she was bad and that she often pulled his hair. trace, here is the deal. many people in the american embassy are saying quietly here they don't understand why the russian fore
then. megyn: i'm megyn kelly, this is "america live" with breaking news on the health care overhaul, in 30 seconds the biggest story since health care passed. breaking details on a massive new coast to coast push to repeal the bill. >>> plus, new warnings today about a radical group's mission to arrest the pope, see what happens if their plan goes wrong. >>> and -- >> oh yeah. >> correction. mig the secretary of defense, launching a new attack on the people who put together this tape. a video allegedly telling u.s. soldiers opening fire on what some folks claim are innocent iraqis, a closer look at the case and a fired up secretary of defense on "america live" root now. >>> this is a fox news alert, major new developments that could change everything when it comes to the health care reform battle, that's where we begin "america live" this afternoon, i'm megyn kelly. for months americans have voiced their concerns over the government's health care plan, but if you thought the fight was over, you haven't seen anything yet. a brand new effort about to be launched to repeal what is now
with minor injure yes, the horses were not seriously hurt. megyn: i'm megyn kelly, this is "america live", a huge development in iraq today, two al-qaeda leaders taken out, including this man, the terror group's military commander, a top just is not -- u.s. general says this is the most significant blow to al-qaeda in iraq in years. we've got you covered. >>> plus howard stern versus jay leno, with the sirius radio star sue the late night host for stealing his ideas? stearns said jay is a flipping ripoff. is he right? and -- >> mr. president, mr. clinton, unwittingly, unpurposely, i give you the benefit of the doubt, you have set this stage -- with this comment, you have just set the stage for violence in it country. megyn: a war of words heating up between former president bill clinton and rush limbaugh, we've got it all here, right now on "america live". >>> we begin with some good news for some passengers stranded by the spreading cloud of volcanic ash, word now the united kingdom will lift air space restrictions, opening the skies up for the first time since island's volcano eru
is too big? isn't that the whole idea of america, like trying to grow your company to become as big as possible? i don't know, that struck me as very interesting that now we're going to have a whole new era of determining whether or not companies are too big? >> well -- >> so if the republicans can block the vote today, the republicans will have a better footeding going forward to get a bill more to their liking. coming up straight ahead -- that's very true, steve. coming up, the reverend al sharpton threatening to fight arizona's new immigration law with civil disobedience. the sheriff next, he has something to say about that. >> please, don't stop the music. pop star rhianna takes a big tumble. and it's all caught -- >> there she goes. >> why does she wear those heels? >> tumble! [ isabella ] hi, i'm isabella, and this is pasta night at our house. [ laughter ] what is it about spaghetti and meatballs? i mean, it's a fun night. and the whole dinner is from great value at walmart. and it's all for less than $2 a serving. i have a budget like anyone else. this is what i did with mi
. this is the fastest growing minority in america. let's keep in mind, 50 percent, 50 percent of the children born in america are brown. jon: let me cut this one short. the president has entered the rose garden, he's about to speak on immigration, as well as the new gdp numbers. let's listen in. >> the department of interior and homeland security, as well as the administrator of the eps, my assistant for energy and climate change policy, and the noah administrator to the gulf coast to ensure we continue to do everything necessary to respond to this event, and i expect their reports today. as i said yesterday, bp is ultimately responsible under the law for paying the cost of response and cleanup operations, but we are fully prepared to meet our responsibilities to any and all affected communities. that's why we've been working closely with state and local authorities since the day of the explosion. there are now five staging areas to protect sensitive shore lines. approximately 1900 federal response personnel are in the area, and more than 300 response vessels and aircraft iran the -- on the screen
for being the most fuel efficient car company in america, well, then how do you explain all this? chevy malibu, cobalt, silverado, and the all-new equinox. compare them to anyone. may the best car win. >>> these are the stories that we are following at this hour. >> boston, if anyone knows how to throw a tea party, it is you. >> partying like it's 1773. sarah palin leading a new boston tea party. the kickoff to a series of tax day protests nationwide. >>> president obama trying to keep democrats united would pass a bill to keep wall street in line as republicans claim it just leads to a huge government slush fund. and the toughest antiimmigration law ever. one state passing a bill that advocates for illegal immigrants have said so far goes too far. >>> plus a looming shortage of doctors. could your primary care physician be an endangered species? good day. i'm peter alexander in new york. this breaking news is coming to us from south boston, massachusetts. these are the latest live pictures we are getting in the msnbc newsroom right now. a crane as you can see has collapsed at a constru
heard round the world. that vol canic ash is now making its way to north america. nbc's chief science and health correspondent bob bazell is in iceland for us this morning. it's coming to north america. do we have to worry? is this an air quality issue? is this going to create havoc now on north american flights? >> chuck, you know, you don't have to worry one bit about that. i have to say something else. savannah was yoet quoted in the newspaper about how to pronounce it. i had to come to iceland. it's affal yokal. >> who are you calling a yokal. >> i'm really proud of that. >> you're showing off. >> i will worked on that all the way over. but i walked under the volcano this morning. there's an enormous amount of ash coming out in the immediate area. the plume is down to about 10,000 feet high. it was 30,000 feet yesterday. that's a good sign. nobody knows what's going to happen with it in the future. this is one of the least studied volcanos even in iceland which has about 70 active volcanoes. there's not a lot of ability to predict what's going to happen next. of course, there's a
on the moon. they say the plan could be, quote, devastating for america's space program. nbc's veteran space correspondent joins us from merritt island, florida, via skype. thanks for joining us. this is obviously not a black and whitish unite because you have buzz aldren also an astronaut icon siding with the president's plan. what's going on? >> that is correct. buzz came out for the president's plan about a month ago. but what it is, is there's a lot of people here, most people, a lot of them think that the president has a lot of good ideas. they're all for some of the things that he's doing. there's good reasons for doing commercial, all of the stuff he's talking about, but what they are concerned about is for the past six years they have worked on the aires rockets and they have them pretty well under way and everything has gone fine, all the tests, all of this. and they cannot understand why the president wants to cancel this program that will cost according to nasa's own figures, $12 billion to $16 billion to cancel it and will have nothing. if he would go ahead, say these people, and
>>> good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. it's friday, april 30th. >> and i'm robin roberts. this morning, breaking news. the massive oil spill in the gulf washes ashore, endangering hundreds of species and threatening to surpass even the exxon valdez disaster. sam leads our coverage down in the gulf. >>> president obama responds by dispatching top cabinet members to the disaster. he calls in the navy, too. but is it enough? and what will this mean for obama's plans to expand oil drilling? the latest from white house adviser, david axelrod, in a "gma" exclusive. >>> plus, the other woman. rielle hunter breaks her silence about her affair with john edwards, their daughter, and the lessons she's learned. >> i followed my heart. and i believe it was the right thing to do. >> we get reaction from edwards' former campaign aide in a "gma" exclusive. >>> and the queen of talk takes on distracted drivers. oprah winfrey joins us live with a challenge for all of us. >>> and, robin, what everyone feared has happened. oil has hit shore down in the gulf coast. as you all look at
christmas with a bomb in his underwear. more on good morning america beginning at 7:00 this morning. >> still ahead on good morning washinton, the fight against aids taken outside the city borders. a surprising new study about the growing affection -- infection rates in the suburbs. >> in the south there is the cleanup continuing after the deadly twisters. >> brian van de graaff will have the seven-day forecast and >> people are cleaning up and assessing the damage after the deadly tornadoes that swept through the south. nearly 700 homes were damaged on a weekend. if that is in mississippi alone. 12 people were killed. then in mississippi, two in alabama. if officials are tallying the costs so they can ask for federal emergency declaration. >> good morning. brian van de graaff outside the studio in roslyn. we do have clouds overhead right now. the drizzle is coming to an end. as the morning wears on, we should see more sunshine before the next batch of clouds arrives. let's show you what the temperature is look like. we are in the '50s for the most part. you can see clouds hanging
america as well as africa and asia. here is what one british one said with a sick child, she's stuck in mumbai and trying to get home. >> we've been waiting since saturday for a flight. we are booked on a flight today at 12:55. they are announcing at 12:00 whether we will be able to fly or not. >> so there are 10 or 12 flights now out of frankfurt today, all points north, south, east and west. some lucky americans may get on those flights and get home. but the vast majority of them will continue to be stranded here with an enormous backlog. it could be a week or more before things get back to normal here. tamron, back to you. >> thank you, jim. as planes began taking off and landing, the debate continues whether it was an overreaction to cancel 95,000 flights over the past few days. nbc news contributor and former nhtsa chairman joins me. thanks for joining me. you know the debate is there, 95,000 flights, the luck of the draw. was it an overreaction? >> absolutely not. it was the right decision to make. this stuff is insidious. if it gets into jet engines, it can suffocate them, do
. ♪ [ male announcer ] every business day, bank of america lends nearly $3 billion dollars to individuals, institutions, schools, organizations and businesses in every corner of the economy. america. ♪ growing stronger. every day. compare a well equipped lexus es, to a well-equipped buick lacrosse. get inside each. and see what you find. if perfection is what you pursue, this just might change your course. meet the new class of world class. the twenty-ten lacrosse, from buick. may the best car win. >>> we now know that 25 miners have died in west virginia, another four are still missing in what is officially the worst mine disaster in more than two decades. the explosion at the upper big branch south mine yesterday is being investigating. but experts believe it was caused by a buildup of methane gas. that played a role in the sago mine explosion that killed 12 west virginia miners in 2006. rescuers were ordered out of the mine this morning when methane levels became dangerously high again. according to the governor, rescue workers searched beyond the point they had put their own lives i
of mistakes we've seen in the last few years in america and it's not a pretty picture for the people in charge. either on wall street or in the capitol. >> listen, congressman, we appreciate your efforts on our behalf to correct for the con and get the money back and fix this system. and, bill, thank you, for your journalism and your efforts to make sure people actually understand how this happened, truly. bill fleckenstein, thank you. >>> coming up here on the "dylan ratigan show" -- new details about the company that owns that upper, big branch mine. stock up fivefold. profits doubled. has safety violations exploded. maybe, maybe or maybe not a correlation there. >>> also can obama succeed where clinton failed? news that president obama may unveil an american plan for peace in the middle east. it's only been a few thousand years. perhaps this man is the man. stayfree® with thermocontrol™ quickly wicks moisture away for exceptional dryness. thermocontrol™ only from stayfree®. i switched to a complete multivitamin with more. only one a day men's 50+ advantage... has gingko for memory and
? >> on the occasion of our birthday, where america's leaders start their day and this is where my day ends. >> gets on a park bench in central park. willie geist, what have you learned this morning? >> reporter: i learned at the augusta municipal course from one wise man, who said, don't blame tiger, if you put a man in a bin full of apples, don't be mad when he takes a bite. >> oh, my goodness. that is brilliant. okay. and i've learned that tomorrow on "morning joe" we're going to be having an event. mike barnicle and savannah guthrie are going to be -- it's going to be "morning mike." >> that will be a mess. that is awful. >> guys, what time is it? >> it's "morning joe." but right now it's time for "the daily rundown" with chuck and savannah. >>> signed, sealed, delivered, but not yet ratified. can president obama get the landmark nuclear pact with russia through the senate? we're live in prague this morning. >>> plus up in the air and above the law. a qatari diplomat sets off a terrorism scare aboard a united flight. why there won't likely be any charges. good morning. it's april 8th, 2010. i'm
america and the courts programs at our website. just click on america and the courts under the spencer riesling. join us next week for "america and the courts." saturday nights at 7:00 p.m. eastern on >> i think that there is a huge lack of knowledge about how this town works. >> when you're doing the actual research work, you just have to do that yourself. bucs this weekend, richard norton smith and douglas brinkley will talk about their work, their books and their profession. we will get their first appearance on our network. >> you are watching c-span, created for you as a public service by america's cable companies. up next, a look at black leadership priorities and public policy issues. first lady michelle obama host women at the white house for the annual take our daughters and sons to work day. after that, a discussion of the appointment process for supreme court nominees. >> coming up next on c-span, a look at leadership priorities in public policies. we will hear from radio talk show host tom joyner among others. this last about 1.5 hours. >> we are very happy to host " measu
of ohio. without objection. ms. kaptur: madam speaker, this past saturday, one of america's longest and strongest ally, the republic of poland, suffered a horrendous loss. a plane carrying 97 passengers crashed in russia, including polish president, the first lady , a man who led a government in compile during the communist era, the deputy speaker of poland's parliament, the head of the national security bureau, the deputy minister of foreign affairs, the army chief of staff, along with the president of poland's national bank, and a host of other public service -- servants, including an activist who started a strike that led to the formation of solidarity. all modern leaders of the polish nation, they were mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, proud all, now logs to -- to this -- lost to this life but not to history. yet again, the forest embraces the collective tragedy of poland's precious leaders. the doomed plane was flying to russia to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the massacre, when more than 22,000 polish officers and leaders were murdered at the
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